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The city is the major hub in Pit People. It is used to customize your units and your teams, to get quests, to purchase items, to visit the Pit, to set the music, to find players online and to set Insane mode.

Entrance[edit | edit source]

Quest Board[edit | edit source]

The Quest Board contains the following:

  • Main Story Mission
  • Questlines
  • Sidequest completion records

Wagon Shop[edit | edit source]

At the Wagon Shop, you are able to buy items for use in the overworld. The shop contains the following items:

  • Healing Camp (100G)
  • Recruit Cage (380G)
  • Resurrection (2000G)
  • Nitro (150G)

Locker Room[edit | edit source]

In the Locker Room, you are able to store items purchased in the Wagon Shop. There is a cap of 99 per item.

Pit[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pit

In the Pit, you can fight against Unfair AI or players (1v1 or 2v2), with the option to spectate player matches and bet on individual units.

House[edit | edit source]

Main article: House

In your House, you may create and customize your teams, including their appearance, equipment and Hero status.

Marquette[edit | edit source]

In the Marquette, you can purchase Equipment (700G) and Mercenaries (7000G).

Equipment consists of the weapons and armor that can be equipped by Humans, as well as the Cyclops' Heavy Mallet. Both the name and number held are displayed alongside the equipment, so that players can identify which items they have not yet discovered. Only 3 pieces of equipment are displayed at one time, but can be purchased multiple times.

Mercenaries are permanent fighters that are immediately added to your Dungeon upon purchase. While all units can be purchased as mercenaries, only 3 will be available at one time. It is worthwhile to note that you are able to see the name and equipment of a Mercenary before purchasing.

The Marquette refreshes upon entering a battle outside of town or completing a fight in the pit.

Space Phone[edit | edit source]

Using the Space Phone, you are able to play online with friends and other players, either by Hosting or Joining a game. When hosting, you can set the session to be either Public or Private.

You may also toggle the 'Trade Only' button on and off to filter players who are solely looking to trade items and characters. In this mode, each player must offer something in order to trade; you cannot give items/units for free.

Jukebox[edit | edit source]

The Jukebox allows you to change the record playing inside of the city. You are able to select music from the unlocked vinyl, with the option to shuffle.

Any loot drop has a 1% chance of being replaced by a vinyl that you don't yet have.

Insane Machine[edit | edit source]

Here you can enable/disable Insane Mode, which slightly increases the difficulty outside of the pit while also slightly increasing chances of receiving creature items from spoils. A red and yellow skull icon is displayed in the top-right of the screen when Insane Mode has been activated.