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Cyclops Portrait.png
Attack Type
-Sword Slash
-Mallet Smash
Damage Taken Modifiers

Cyclopes are one-eyed giants and can be found as enemies or can be recruited as members of the player's team. They are strong and make great fighters.[1]

Abilities and Attributes[]

A Cyclops launching two enemies.

  • Cyclopes possess the 2nd highest health pool in the game, behind the Troll Mom.
  • They can wield heavy mallets unique to them.
  • They move 2 hexes normally, or 3 if under 50% Weight.
    • Setting a Cyclops as the Hero does not reduce his weight or increase his movement.
  • Cyclopes have a chance to launch and slow enemies when they hit them.
    • This chance is still possible with a light sword.
    • Launched enemies will land in a random 1 hex radius around 2 or 3 hexes away.
  • While Cyclopes cannot be ranged, they still have access to nets and thrown items in their off-hand slot.
  • Cyclopes take up two slots on the player's team.
  • They can walk through water without movement penalty.


Playing with: Cyclopes are slow, powerful units. If your looking for massive damage equip them with a heavy mallet, on the other hand if their fling effect is what you want give them a light sword. This makes them useful for both high damage and utility. Due to their high health pool, equipping one with a helmet can make them very hard to kill, but you could also keep their weight as low as possible to deal the most damage possible.

Playing against: Ranged units are very helpful in taking out cyclopes. The cyclops moves very slowly, meaning that a ranged unit will easily be able to shoot the cyclops to death while moving away from it. In addition, his fling can backfire if he doesn't catch up, creating more distance between the two of you. Since the cyclops is essentially two units in one, crowd control effects like stunning or netting can be doubly helpful.



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Journal Entry[]

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Notable Characters[]


  • You can equip a cyclops with the heaviest helmet, shield, and mace without becoming over-encumbered
  • There is a race of one-eyed and human-sized people known as the Demi-clops. They have the same attributes and behave the same as Humans. The only difference is that they are rarer and have only half as many eyes. There are even one-eyed Pixies!
  • One-eyed units may have their helm slot customized with items that distinctively show two eyes.
  • They are called "giant" internally.
  • It is said in the Survival Guide Journal Entry that Cyclopes can predict when others as well as themselves are going to die. This is backed up in the mission "Haunt Jaunt", where Yosef says after taking a Wraith to go to Gnomes and "tell them when they die" (which seemingly kills them from fright) that predicting deaths is more of a Cyclops power than a Wraith power and implies that Rattlegasp the Wraith was only using Horatio and his crew to protect him from the Gnomes wanting revenge afterwards and that Rattlegasp actually lied to them.