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Demi-Clops are one-eyed humans, pixies and spidaurs who statistically, are identical to their normal unit counterparts. Human demi-clops can equip a large variety of weapons and armor, same as normal humans.

The important and notable Demi-clops in game is Yosef.

Abilities and Attributes[edit | edit source]

Demi-clops have the same stats as humans, the only difference between the two are that Demi-clops' heads are aesthetically different as they have one eye.


  • There are four kinds of helm or headgear.
    • Wearing No Helm provides no defense, but weighs nothing, allowing the unit to keep their Dodge chance.
    • Light Caps also weigh nothing but give very slight defense boost while slightly reducing damage. They also slightly lower Dodge. (?)
    • Medium Helmets provide decent defense and give the helmet attribute, making the unit take less damage from swords but more damage from mallets.
    • Heavy Helmets provide excellent defense and weigh a lot. They further increase the helmet attribute, further lowering and increasing the damage of swords and mallets, respectively.


  • Swords come in three kinds: LightMedium and Heavy Sword.
    • Light Swords strike twice and ignore part of their target's chance to dodge. They deal mediocre damage to helmets.
    • Medium Swords are balanced in weight and damage, and deal reduced damage to helmets.
    • Heavy Swords have high weight and damage. They deal reduced damage to helmets.


  • Demi-clopes may only use regular mallets.
    • Mallets are normally as heavy as Heavy Swords, but have a lower base damage. However, they gain bonus damage when striking helmets.


  • Off-hands are available to Demi-clopes wielding either a Sword or a Mace.
  • There are five kinds of off-hands available.
    • Thrown items are light and offer a decent 4 hex ranged option for melee fighters, but offer no defense.
    • Nets are heavy and can be thrown to snare an enemy 2 hexes away, or to recruit units. They offer no defense.
    • Small, Medium and Large Shields all have proportional weight, chance to block projectiles and chance to counter melee attacks.


  • Axes are dual-wielded weapons that can be thrown 2 hexes away.
  • They strike twice and have no melee damage penalty.
  • When thrown, they have a chance to stun the target.
    • Explosive Axes cannot stun, but they explode when used in melee.


  • Guns are found in the same category as axes.
  • When at range, they fire in a burst that receives no ammo penalty for moving like Ranged units do.
  • Unlike axes, they are weaker when used in melee. (?)