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Gnome Portrait.png
Attack Type
-Wrench Toss
-Healing Wrench
Damage Taken Modifiers
Poison: +30%
Acid: +50%
Lightning: -60%

Gnomes are creatures that can be encountered on the World Map as enemies or recruited to the player's team. They are small, lazy creatures that sit in their floating chairs.

Abilities and Attributes[edit | edit source]

A Gnome flinging a unit.
  • Gnomes are half-slotters: 1 gnome slot comes with 2 gnomes.
  • Gnomes attack by throwing a wrench at enemies, either from melee range or 1 tile away. It can be blocked by shields.
  • Gnomes can launch friendly units (except Cyclopes, Gorgons, Hair Trolls, Troll Moms, and Spidaurs) over obstacles and enemies to a specified destination. The Gnome will still be able throw his wrench after launching an ally.
    • Units may remain mounted on the gnome without launching if the landing space is occupied or if no landing spot is chosen.
  • Gnomes are flying units.
  • Gnomes move 2 tiles and do not lose weight when made heroes, thus their movement speed is not increased.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

A Gnome healing an Electrobot.
  • Gnomes can heal Electrobots with their wrench.
    • They prioritize healing the most hurt robot over attacking.
  • They deal bonus damage to Electrobots.
  • Gnomes take extra damage from poison and acid.
  • They take reduced damage from electricity.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Playing with:
Gnomes shine with their ability to position units over long distances quickly. Having a single pair in 2v2 matches might give your team the edge.

Of course, due to their healing ability on Electrobots, they work well together. It's good to have made your Electrobot tank a bit of damage, so that Gnomes may heal it up when not actively moving units around the battlefield. Both are flying units that can avoid hazards, staying together with the Electrobot in front if needed. An advanced technique is to use friendly Gnomes as lightning arc transmitors. By understanding how Electrobots' chain lightning bounces every 2 hexes and prioritizes enemies over allies, you can shoot it so it jumps from an enemy, to your Gnome, to another enemy. Your Gnome will take almost no damage. Gnomes are also good against Electrobots, taking almost no damage from them and dealing a bit of bonus damage. Use them at the edge of your formation to force enemy Electrobots to target Gnomes for their chain lightning attacks!

They function well with Mushrooms, who have low movement but shine when disrupting the enemy's backline. This also moves the Mushrooms away from your team, avoiding friendly fire farts.

Playing against:
Be mindful of Gnome Launches. Focus them down if used with Electrobots, as their healing is not to be underestimated. Otherwise, they are a relatively weak presence that can be left for last.

Poison and Fire damage destroys Gnomes.

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

Cosmetic items you can give the Gnome to change their look. Gnomes are a creature with purely Cosmetic Items, with none of them affecting stats or resistances. Gnomes has 1 cosmetic category, Chairs.

  • There are 17 total Chair Cosmetics in the Live Version of the game.
Chair Page 1


Chair-Park Bench.png

Park Bench

Chair-Leopard Slayer.png




Chair-Ouch Couch.png

Ouch Couch

Chair-Nothing Special.png








Chair-Royal Pain.png

Royal Pain









Chair-Wrong Side.png

Wrong Side

Chair-Block of Gold.png

Block of Gold

Chair-Guard N Gnomes.gif

Guard Gnome

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

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Notable Characters[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At one point in development they used wood logs to catapult their allies.

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