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Horatio is the main Story character in Pit People and the first playable character.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Horatio originally lived a life in Citytown Village and then later became a blueberry farmer, but took up arms after an encounter with the Bear, fending off Jerkimedes and a band of Child Eaters.

Fueled with rage after believing that the Bear killed his son: Hansel, Horatio made his way across the land. Shortly after his travels began, Horatio came across a fair princess named Pipistrella, who's castle was being raided by "grumpy warriors" known as Helmetites, lead by Helmitor. after helping her defeat the majority of those who attacked the castle, the remaining few (including Helmitor) fled on a space shuttle given to them by the Bear. As the castle crumbled, Pipistrella's father, the king was crushed under a pillar of rubble. Both of them now having a vendetta against the Bear, Horatio and his newfound companion set forth to travel the land. Once finding the city, the two protagonists go to the pit and enlist the Demiclops: Yosif, who "joins souls" with Horatio. After a quick fight in the pit, they set out to have their revenge on both the Helmetites, and the Bear.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Horatio starts out using a sword and a shield.
  • Horatio starts out with the Horatiostache.
  • Horatio starts out using a Boxcutter and a Farm Fence.
  • Horatio's Alternate version is Hailey, who is Horatio's family.