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Human Portrait.png
Attack Type
-Sword Slash
-Mallet Smash
-Axe Toss
-Gun Shot
Damage Taken Modifiers

Humans are versatile units that can wield a variety of weapons, helmets and shields. They are excellent at close-quarter fights. This category includes Demi-clops who are equipped the same. Humans that have a dedicated ranged weapon are instead called Ranged. The notable humans are Horatio, Pipistrella and Sofia.

Abilities and Attributes[edit | edit source]


  • There are four kinds of helm or headgear.
    • Wearing No Helm provides no defense, but weighs nothing, allowing the unit to keep their Dodge chance and weight limit.
    • Light Caps also weigh nothing but give very slight defense boost while slightly reducing damage. They slightly lower dodge chances.
    • Medium Helmets provide decent defense and give the helmet attribute, making the unit take less damage from swords but more damage from mallets.
    • Heavy Helmets provide excellent defense but weigh a lot. They further increase the helmet attribute, further lowering and increasing the damage of swords and mallets, respectively.


  • Swords come in three types: Light, Medium and Heavy Sword.
    • Light Swords strikes twice, ignore part of their target's chance to dodge and weigh less. They deal mediocre damage but are weak against helmets.
    • Medium Swords are balanced in weight and damage, but has reduced damage against helmets.
    • Heavy Swords have high weight and damage. Damage is reduced slightly against helmets.


  • Mallets are the only weapon humans can hold to deal more damage against helmets.
    • Mallets are normally as heavy as Heavy Swords, but have a slight lower base damage. However, they gain bonus damage when striking helmets.


  • Off-hands are available to Humans wielding either a Sword or a Mace.
  • There are five kinds of off-hands available.
    • Thrown items are weightless and offer a decent 4 hex ranged option for melee fighters, but offer no defense.
    • Nets weigh as much as a medium shield and can be thrown to snare an enemy 2 hexes away, or to recruit units. They offer no defense.
    • Small shields are weightless, while Medium and Large Shields all have proportional weight, chance to block projectiles and chance to counter melee attacks.


  • Axes are dual-wielded weapons that can be thrown 1 hexes away.
  • They strike twice and have no melee damage penalty. However, it's weaker than being thrown.
  • When thrown or used in melee, they have a chance to stun the target.
    • Explosive Axes cannot stun, but instead explode.


  • Guns are found in the same category as axes.
  • When at range, they fire in a burst that receives no ammo penalty for moving like Ranged units do.
  • Unlike axes, they are weaker when used in melee.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Playing with:

Humans are versatile in what they can equip, their strategy can and will be altered by what you equip. The general rule is if you are going for damage, armor, block, dodge, and vice versa.

  • Swords are came with three types light, medium and heavy, it is best to keep in mind how much the sword weighs. - Light swords are the weakest, but it can provide high dodge rate. - Medium swords are the balanced that deals moderate damage. - Heavy swords are the strongest among sword, but it comes with the heaviest weight of all swords. If you're using a sword, temporarily avoid enemies with heavy helmets on since it deals lesser damage.
  • Mallets are slightly stronger than heavy sword, these can give increase damage towards enemy with heavy helmets. However they are the heaviest weapon human race can hold.
  • Axes and guns can be use both melee and ranged side. - Throwing axes has a chance to stun the enemy with more damage than melee. - Guns can deal lots of damage in one attack, but some bullets can miss the target. Axes and guns can use ranged within one tile against the enemy. If the enemy is next to the unit, the unit will perform a melee attack instead. Axes and gun can be blocked sometimes by a heavy shield.
  • Shields are needed to be equipped for chance to block ranged attack, the bigger the shield the higher the chance they can block projectiles. They also come with three types, small, medium and heavy. -Small shields are the lightest, carrying small shield can hold heavier weapons or helmets but chance of blocking projectiles is low. -Medium shields are the balanced, chance of blocking projectiles is moderate. -Heavy shields are the most protective against projectile attacks, however it's the heaviest of all shields. It's best to keep the heavy shield unit front since the bow target the closest enemy. - If you give one a net use, it can throw the net to disable highly mobile units, key units, and troublesome units. Alternatively, you can use it to capture enemy units. It increases dodge rate, but it's defenseless against ranged enemies.
  • If you equip a human with a ranged weapon (not axes and guns), it's best to keep them far from any enemy unit and keep them in one place to launch more attacks.

Playing against:

Since the human race is very versatile in what they can use, the difficulty can change depending on what they use against your team.

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

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Notable Characters[edit | edit source]

See Human_(Race)#Notable Characters

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