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Description[edit | edit source]

Jerkimedes is a supporting antagonist in Pit People. In the very first mission of the game, and tutorial, it is revealed that he was the person who sent the band of child eaters to Horatio's blueberry farm, resulting in the kidnapping of his son, Hansel. In between each story mission, Jerkimedes has you perform painstaking tasks in order to progress the story. These include: killing an entire senior retirement home, slaughtering five orphans, and fighting his goons, which he calls Jerks.

Jerkimedes has a large set of teal-blue hair, with a full, bushy beard of the same color to match. His sclera and pupils are both a disturbing shade of solid red. He has a Pink and Yellow striped jester's hat as well. His equipment is a Horatio doll tied to a stick and a mug of coffee. Jerkimedes also can teleport, change location of matter, transform organisms, confuse enemies, and can explode things.

Jerkimedes relaxing at Sunnybutts Day Spa.

Jerkimedes has a secret base called The Jerk Dome, which resides in Just A Plain Mountain. It comes equipped with several monitors, various hardware, and a suspicious pink room with doors, dolls tied to their chairs in a hostage tea party, and a princess bed. He calls this room his "Happy Place" and is very distressed when the player character destroys it. Ultimately it's revealed that The Jerk Dome has a self repair protocol that nullifies all the damage they'd done to the base in the first place. The Jerk Dome also doubles as an extremely advanced A.I. rocket ship, which the main cast uses to fight the Bear toward the end of the game.

Jerkimedes, as the name suggests, is in fact, a jerk. He torments Horatio purely for the fun of it, and he cares genuinely for very little that isn't a personal possession of his. Such as his Princess Bed, and his designated Safe Spaces in his Jerk Dome.

It is revealed later on in his story arc that his hat was purchased at a thrift store, and has suspicious (albeit vague) origins. When worn, much like other characters seen in Behemoth Games in the past, (See> Hatty Hattington's Top Hat) this hat gave Jerkimedes powers beyond human capability. He'd been merely a regular jerk before, but the hat transformed him into Jerkimedes, a magical man who's jerkiness is on a cosmic scale.