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Mushroom Portrait.png
Attack Type
-Poison Fart
-Head Bash
Damage Taken Modifiers
Mallet: +?%
Poison: -100%

Mushrooms are large, living fungi that use toxic flatulence to poison the enemy team.[1] They are great for controlling the flow of the battle, pressuring the enemy's formation with their Area of Effect poison.

Abilities and Attributes[]

A Mushroom farting on some enemies.

  • Mushrooms can release their poisonous gas in a one-hex radius around themselves.
    • This attack may leave a Gas Cloud on empty hexes.
    • This attack can harm both allies and enemies.
  • Their large cap can block arrows like a shield.
  • If their target is killed during their attack animation, the attack is cancelled and will not create clouds.


  • Mushrooms receive extra damage from Mallets.
  • They deal bonus damage against Cupcakes, Gnomes, and Mascots.
  • Zombies are highly resistant to their poison.
  • Electrobots and other Mushrooms are immune to poison.
  • If their target is an Electrobot or Mushroom, they will use a strong melee attack.
  • Defense decreases the damage of the direct fart, but not poison.
  • Their direct fart isn't AoE and therefore will not affect a unit riding a spidaur.


Playing with:

When playing around Mushrooms, make sure to keep away from their poison farts - it will hit friends and foes alike. Due to this, they shouldn't be used as part of a unit wall, except if their adjacent units are resistant to poison.

The mushroom is best used when fighting in a separate area of the battlefield, disrupting the backline by itself, allowing its allies an easier fight. Gas clouds linger for the duration of the enemy's movement phase. Landing the gas clouds in between enemies and allies might force the enemies to either walk through them, or avoid them, affecting their strategy.

Contrary to most units, mushrooms are in a good position when surrounded by enemies (as long as they aren't resistant to poison). Try to keep them around where the fight is taking place, so they can almost always poison 2 units or more.

Mushrooms are good to focus attack Electrobots or other Mushrooms, against whom their melee attack is quite strong.

Playing against:

due to the mushrooms A.O.E. attack it is best to avoid using a lot of units to take him down. using elecrtobot is effective since they can not be poisoned. mallets also work well because of the cap on their head. ranged can be OK, but they can block some ranged attacks with the cap.


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Facial Expressions
Image Image
Mushroom indiffrent.jpg Indifferent (Default)
Neck Warmer
Mushroom vomit.jpg Vomit
Mushroom not in the mood.jpg Not in the Mood
Mushroom topless.jpg topless
Mushroom silly.jpg Silly
Mushroom cool headed.jpg Cool Headed
Mushroom blue bandanna.jpg Blue Bandana
Mushroom uncanny valley.jpg Uncanny Valley
Mushroom distinquished.jpg Distinguished
Fun guy.png
Fun Guy (Pit Reward)
Hat Gear
Image Name
None (Default)
Adventurer Like You
Flower Child
It's A Crown
Mushroom cold outside.jpg Cold Outside
Mushroom special delivery.jpg Special Delivery

Journal Entry[]

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Notable Characters[]

  • Stinkhorn
  • Fungax


  • During the Planning Phase, their icon on the hex where they are told to move will vary depending on what they might do. The icon will be a gas cloud if one of their potential targets is not immune (they might still target an Electrobot or Mushroom, using their melee attack), and it will be a mushroom icon otherwise.