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The Behemoth
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Pit People
Microsoft Windows, XBOX
Release date(s)
13th January, 2017
RPG, Strategy
Single player, Co-op
ESRB: Teen - Blood, Crude Humor, Violence

Pit People was announced August 20, 2014 with the working title Game4 and is a turn based, co-op adventure game with awesome loot, a lot of quests and exploration. Players can customize their Characters and battle companions with all kinds of funny cosmetics and explore a smorgasbord of weird locations. Central character is Horatio, a blueberry farmer, who embarks to fight the bear and to avenge his son.

"Dogged at every step by a mysterious and power-hungry narrator (Will Stamper, "BattleBlock Theater"), you'll need to rally your troops and steel your wits if you hope to survive a hostile world filled with sinister robots, deadly vampires and brutally adorable cupcake people!" ~ Quote from the official website

  • Pit People can be played solo or in a 2 player co-op, and up to 4 players online. The game has a single player story mode.


Pit People is developed and released by The Behemoth, a studio from San Diego, California. They already brought to you the games Battleblock Theater, Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid HD! Their most recent work is Pit People.

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Pit People received several updates:
1: Home Improvement - 2/1/2017
2: World Tour - 3/10/2017
3: Emperor's Orders - 3/30/2017
4: Vibrant Villians - 6/12/2017
5: Infinite Wisdom - 9/28/2017
6: Full Release - 3/2/2018
7: Pitlicious - 10/29/2018


Announcement of Game4, already presenting the concept of the bear crashing into the planet.

Early Access Launch Trailer by the Behemoth.!

Official Launch Trailer by the Behemoth.
The Behemoth YouTube Channel!


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