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Helmitor's Fortress
Got a full team?
Let's go get some vengeance!
Quest Type Story Quest
World All
Difficulty 4 Skulls
Location Helmitor's Fortress

Helmitor's Fortress is a quest that can be picked up from the quest board at the city gate. It is the second part in the main storyline.


Part 1

  • Break down the gates!
  • Defeat Helmitor!
  • Optional: Destroy Enemy Tents!

Part 2

  • Defeat Helmitor!


  1. Introduction
  2. Helmitor's Fortress
  3. Treat Retreat
  4. Clash at Bloodbath Lagoon!
  5. That Rainbow Connection
  6. Mt. Olympus
  7. The Jerk's On You
  8. The Bear

Appearing Characters[]

Recruited Characters[]

  • Helmitor: Can be recruited by capturing him with the net.
  • Helmitor (Peaches): After his HP is down to 50% or less, his helmet is break and his real face will be shown, which is a cockatiel.


  • Quest completion message: Rest in peace King Papastrella.
  • Quest failure message: Houston, we had a problem...