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Once Bitten
"Psst. Mad scientist getting you down?
Meet me at the Ruins of Low Expectation. -W"
Quest Type City Quest
World All
Difficulty 3 Skulls
Location Ruins of Low Expectation

Once Bitten is a quest that can be picked up from the quest board at the city gate. It is the second part in Madame Megabat's quest line.


  • Enter the ruins and face "the evil"!
  • Also, destroy those haunted remains!
  • ...and close that trapdoor.
  • ...and Mr. Whisper's lunch, I guess.
  • ...and now mop up the last of "the evil"!


  1. Mind Your Manors
  2. Once Bitten
  3. Walking on Sunshine
  4. Grey Matters

Appearing Characters[]

Recruited Characters[]

  • Leftovers: Can be recruited by capturing with a net.


  • Quest completion message: Next stop... Sun Sword!
  • Quest failure message: Psst...! You lost.