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Human Portrait.png
Attack Type
-Bow Shot
-Mortar Launch
Damage Taken Modifiers
Kobold: +100%

Ranged units are Humans or Demi-clopes that are equipped with either a Small Bow, a Medium Bow, or a Mortar, enabling them to engage enemies from a distance. If an enemy is in melee range of a ranged unit, they will be forced to use a weaker melee attack. Humans that are dedicated to close-quarter combat are instead called Humans.

Moving a Ranged unit will halve the amount of shots it will fire in the same turn. Moving the Spidaur on which a Rangd unit is mounted will not affect their amount of shots. Mounted Ranged units can use their ranged attack even if an enemy is in melee range of the Spidaur. However, they won't be able to shoot at enemies in melee range.


Small Bow[]

  • Range = 2-8 tiles
  • Weight = 65%
  • Trades damage for increased range and decreased weight.
  • Accuracy decreases with increasing distance.
  • Capable of friendly fire

Medium Bow[]

  • Range = 2-6 tiles
  • Weight = 90%
  • Sacrifices range and weight for increased damage.


  • Range = 5-8 tiles
  • Weight = 90%
  • Sacrifices reliable front line targeting for more reliable back line targeting. This is due to the mortars inability to target enemies closer than 5 tiles. This makes it great for shooting over shields, but bad at damaging melee pursuers. They are most effective when protected by melee units or when far away from enemies.


  • Most effective against units weak to sharp attacks, such as Vampiress
  • Weakest against units resistant to ranged attacks, such as Kobold and units equipped with Heavy Shields
  • Synergizes well with a friendly Spidaur unit


Notice: To add cosmetics, please edit the Template below at Template:RangedList, add a file with a square resolution with the name "itemname(Bow/Mortar).png", and add the cosmetic to the table as an MP nolink template.


Journal Entry[]

In-Game Image[]

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Entry Text[]

A human equipped with projectiles. They fire their maximum amount of shots when they do not move on a turn. Moving on a turn causes them to halve their number of shots.

Light Bow = 6 shots

Medium Bow = 4 shots

Mortar = 2 shots (Harpoon = 1 shot)

Notable Characters[]