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Recruiting Enemy Units[edit | edit source]

To add more units to your roster, you will need to Recruit them.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To Recruit a unit, you will need:

The first character that can Recruit units is Sofia, who is unlocked early on in the Story.

You can not Recruit units when fighting in the Pit.

How to recruit during a fight[edit | edit source]

Once you have all the required items, you can Recruit an enemy unit. This is done by defeating all enemies except the one you wish to recruit.

To recruit minion spawning units, such as Troll Mom and gorgon, you need to take out all of the minions as well before you can recruit them.

A Cage symbol will appear in the middle of the screen, indicating that you can Recruit the unit.

Move your unit with the Net item equipped to an indicated hex (an icon with a cage will be shown in the eligible hex's). Once in position the enemy unit will be recruited you end your turn (no other units except healers will perform their actions when you are recruiting).

The battle will end (unless there are quest objectives pending) and the recruited enemy will show up on the statistics page as a filled cage.

You can use the third comm icon to make AI fighters avoid damaging the unit you want to recruit.

Returning to the city[edit | edit source]

The Recruit will be in your Wagon Inventory, along with your other loot. You will need to return to the city to empty your Wagons inventory, either by going close to the city or entering it. Your capture summary will be shown and the recruited unit will be in the list. You can now view and use the unit as any other in your house.

After being recruited, the Unit will remain wearing all of its Equipment it had upon being recruited. Items maxed on capacity will be automatically sold for 85 gold. The unit will then become available for use at the House.

If you've reached the max fighter capacity of 504, the unit will be sold and you will receive 550 gold.

Filled cages can be dropped onto the world-map just like other wagon items and supplies.