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Troll Baby
Attack Type
-Troll Bite
Damage Taken Modifiers
Fire: +?%
Troll: +25%
Troll Mom
Spawn Minions
Attack Type
-Troll Bite
Damage Taken Modifiers
Fire: +22%
Troll: +25%

The troll mom is a large unit, taking up 3 spaces of your team composition. It is weak against fire, and will often take extra damage from area of effect attacks because of its large size.

Abilities and Attributes[]

  • Troll moms may spawn a small troll minion on every turn, which will follow AI commands (accessed by pressing X on keyboards). A maximum of 4 troll babies may be present per Mom.
    • Troll babies move 3 hexes, regenerate 1 health point every turn, and attack in melee.
  • Moms have a movement of 2, and take up 3 hexes on the field. Because of this, they cannot fit through narrow passages and work well as a wall
  • Only the bottom-right hex obeys water and lava slowdown. The other parts can move through these tiles freely without needing to use up more movement hexes.
  • The troll mom will only attack units next to the bottom-right hex if she's surrounded.
  • They regenerate 1 health every turn.
  • They are immune to knockback, but can still be knocked back by quest NPCs.
  • Troll babies appear to have around 10% defence (same as troll mom)


  • Troll Moms and Troll Babies' attacks deal bonus damage to all Troll types.


Playing with:

The troll mom is fairly difficult to build a team around, as it takes up three team slots and does minimal damage. Because of this, any team using the troll mom needs to make use of its huge HP pool. To maximize its effectiveness, try using it as a tank until it is at near half health and then run. The troll mom will continue to tank for and support your other troops with its minions.

However, an alternate defensive approach can be taken while using the troll mom. Due to their ability to spawn minions, it can sometimes be advantageous to set up defensive positions and allowing the enemy to come to you. As the minions will draw up to four enemies away at a time, it is best to have two high dps ranged units and a secondary tank or support. As troll moms and their minions have the ability to regenerate health (although not much) it is not strictly necessary to have a slot taken up by a healer.

One thing to keep in mind about troll moms is that they are not the only unit in game which can spawn other units, but troll moms are by the most effective when it comes to the unique mechanic. Gorgons occasionally produce snakes when taking damage, however they do not spawn these units by any other means. Gorgons however only take 2 spaces while the troll mom takes up to 3. So if you are considering on taking 2 troll moms in your roster you may want to consider using a gorgon instead of secondary troll mom. This is advisable as the gorgon can also use close range and long range attacks, allowing more flexibility in combat with what options to take when confronting the enemy. It also allows 1 extra free space to take which can be filled in with some thing such as a mascot or cupcake to act as support (cupcake is ill-advisable however for reasons on the second paragraph above).

Playing against:
Area of Effect damage is strong against Troll Moms, as all three hexes they occupy can be hit. Pixies are especially valuable against Troll Moms, as they deal both Fire and AoE damage. A particularly lucky Rainbow Horse shot can land a rainbow explosion on all three hexes!


Cosmetic items you can give the Troll Mom to change their look. Troll Moms are a creature with purely Cosmetic Items, with none of them affecting stats or resistances. Troll Moms has 1 cosmetic category, Heads.

  • There are 21 total Heads Cosmetics in the Live Version of the game.
Head Page 1




Head-Fruit Lady.png

Fruit Lady



Head-With Nature.png

With Nature

Head-The Queen.png

The Queen





Head-Tiny Tophat.png

Tiny Tophat

Head-Blue Phones.png

Blue Phones

Head-Red Phones.png

Red Phones





Head-Best Mom.png

Best Mom



Head-Straw Hat.png

Straw Hat



Head-Yellow Bow.png

Yellow Bow

Head-Best Mom Ever.png




Head Page 2
Head-Ursa Major.png

Ursa Major







Journal Entry[]

Pitpeople 2017-12-14 06-49-41.png

Notable Characters[]

  • Ursa Major


  • The journal used to state that 6 child trolls can exist on the battlefield at one time. This was, however, a display error and the maximum was never 6.
  • Their bite dealt acid damage at one point in development.
  • The troll mom appears in another of The Behemoth's games as Castle Crashers where the troll mom is a boss in a level and an enemy in a later level.
  • The boss in Castle Crashers spawns Trolls and runs around, unlike it's counterpart in Pit People.
  • The “best mom ever” cosmetic is a nod to a moment in ihascupquake’s Minecraft series, which also has a animation made out of it