Unfair Challenge

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Unfair Challenge[edit | edit source]

Unfair Challenge is a game-mode that is accessed trough the Pit. It can be played as 1-player or 2-player (Co-op).

Info[edit | edit source]

The Unfair Challenge consists of 3 rounds versus 3 different sets of enemies, with no wagon items and no health regeneration between rounds. Each round has a different set of enemy teams you can fight against. They always contain the same amount of enemies, with the same stats.

Winning a round will earn you loot and Pit Points, which are used to determine your position in the Tournament. The sticky note next to the entrance to the game mode shows your total wins.

After completing 6 rounds in one day, you will only receive 1 gold per round as reward. Bonus gold is still earned as normal.

Insane Mode[edit | edit source]

Activating Insane Mode will increase the Pit Points and spoils earned. It will not increase the difficulty in any way.