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Units are the different fighter types in Pit People.

Cupcake Cupcake.png[]

Cupcakes are delicious healers. They throw their frosting onto living units in order to heal them. Doing so hurts them, although they may regenerate half of the cost on their turn. Cupcakes might miss their target and their frosting will land on the floor, where anyone can pick it up.

Cyclops Cyclops Portrait.png[]

Cyclopses are massive and slow fighters who take two unit slots. They have a chance to deliver a powerful blow that knocks their target away and slows them. they also have a weapon type that only cyclops can wield.

Electrobot Robot.png[]

Electrobots are mechanical flying and teleporting units that may attack with melee or with a chain lightning. Both of their attacks may put the target in shock, with their melee attack having a higher shock chance.


Gnomes are small flying units that come in pairs for every unit slot. They may launch allied units (except Spidaur, Cyclops, Gorgon, Hair Troll, Troll Mom) over a large distance, and can heal Electrobots.


Gorgons are versatile but slow fighters who take two unit slots. They wield swords in battle and may spit corrosive acid at range. When taking damage, they have a chance to spawn a serpent.

Hair Troll[]

Hair trolls are fearsome regenerating and defensive beasts that take up two unit slots. When attacking, they have a chance to fling their target behind them.


Humans are versatile units who have access to a wide variety of weapons, helmets and off-hands, altering how they work.

Demi-clopes differ from humans only in visual appearance (sporting only one eye).

Dual-wielded throwable weapons (such as axes, grenades, or ninja stars), are grouped within the same category as the other ranged weapon classes, but fighters who wield these are described as humans or demi-clopes instead of ranged units.

Kobold Kobold Portrait.png[]

Kobolds are small and quick units that come in pairs for every unit slot. They have low health, but they strike multiple times and only take up a half slot per Kobold. Deals bonus damage to ranged units.

Mascot Mascot.png[]

Mascots are vulnerable, but they inspire the morale of adjacent allies, boosting their damage, defense, and accuracy. They attack with a melee peck and explode for massive splash damage upon death.

Mushroom Mushroom.png[]

Mushrooms are armored and slow poisonous units. They attack with a gas explosion around themselves, or with a smash attack when their target is immune to poison. Naturally weak to mallets, for their large head counts as a helmet. Fortunately, it is also able to block projectiles like a shield would.


Octoclopes are vulnerable flying disablers. Their ranged attack has a chance to switch a target to their color, putting the target at risk of being attacked by their own team, and disabling that unit (all for the following turn). They may also merely confuse their target, causing it to possibly target teammates as if they were opponents.

Pixie Pixie.png[]

Pixies are vulnerable flying casters with a high chance to dodge. They blast their targets with fire explosions. Depending on terrain, they have a chance to set the ground on fire as well.

Rainbow HorseRainbow Horse Portrait.png[]

Rainbow horses are dreamy artillery units. They attack with an unreliable explosive horn, but are harmless in close proximity. Their horn may fizzle, explode on contact, or sink into the ground to explode later. Deals AOE damage.


Ranged units are humans or demi-clopes equipped with a light bow, a medium bow, or a mortar. They excel at ranged combat but are inefficient and vulnerable in melee battle. If they're moved on their turn, they only fire half the amount of shots (Note: You can avoid this by using Spidaurs).


Spidaurs are defensive disablers able to control areas. They spawn web walls to nearby walls and other spidaurs, may net enemies with their melee attack that strikes twice, and may carry a cupcake, human, or mascot on their back.

Troll Mom[]

Troll moms are colossal regenerating beasts that attempt to spawn a baby troll each round. They take up three unit slots, and attack with a corrosive bite. Can only have 4 babies at once, each baby with very low health.

Vampiress Vampire.png[]

Vampiresses are deadly land units who may hurt themselves to fly farther. They leech health off the living, and deal bonus damage against bleeding enemies.

Wraith Wraith.png[]

Wraiths are flying undead units. They attack at range with a debuffing projectile, or in melee with their scythe. They cannot be debuffed and, as all flying units, are immune to being snared.


Zombies are slow units that come in pairs for each unit slot. They have a chance to slow their target, and may resurrect after dying in battle.

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