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Zombie Portrait.png
Attack Type
-Slowing Strike
Damage Taken Modifiers
Ice: +50%
Poison: -70%

Abilities and Attributes[]

  • A single unit slot provides two Zombies.
  • Zombies move 2 tiles.
  • Zombies attack once in melee and have a chance to slow the unit they hit.
  • Zombies have a chance to resurrect themselves during battle, each time resurrecting with half of their maximum health points.
    • If they attempt to resurrect while an enemy unit is standing on their grave, the resurrect will fail, their grave will stop glowing and they will be unable to resurrect for the remainder of the battle.
  • Mascot buffs do not apply to Zombies.
  • Zombies can wear helmets. However, the heaviest helmets are too heavy for them, and will encumber them. though the heaviest helms only provide a minimal debuff of -1 damage, so if you use your zombies as cannon fodder you can use heavy helmets.
  • Zombies do not lose weight from being made heroes, thus they do not gain speed or receive less encumbrance from helmets when made heroes.


  • Cannot be healed by cupcakes directly or pick up batter left on ground.
  • Take bonus damage from Ice


Playing with:
Thanks to their numbers, their slowness, and ability to come back to life, Zombies are very good as meat shields. However, they can also work as decent damage dealers. A pair of Zombies is about as strong as a Medium Sword, and their Slow ability is very good at disrupting enemy positions, making them unable to flee. They are therefore great at applying pressure on enemies with low defense. Keep the strong units that you don't want next to your team out of the fight, such as Hair Trolls and Mushrooms. The slow is good to disallow Electrobots to reposition for a chain lightning.

Playing against:
Killing multiple zombies on the same hex makes keeping them down easier, since a single unit can prevent all of them from resurrecting.


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Journal Entry[]

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Notable Characters[]


  • The cosmetic "Alien" is a reference to the antenna that Alien Hominid wears.
  • The cosmetic "The Thief" is a reference to the Thief character from Castle Crashers.
  • The cosmetic "Barbarian" is a reference to the Barbarian from Castle Crashers.
  • The cosmetic "Dad n Me" is a reference to Dad n Me a flash game on newgrounds by the behemoth.